EUROTECS® is Based On A Strong Foundation Of Experiences And A Dedicated Team Of Engineers And Technical Support Who Are Willing To Deliver The Best Quality Within The Shortest Time. The Trust We Gained From Our Customers Throughout Years Of Building Steel Structures And Delivering Top Of The Line Technologies Is The Beating Heart That Drives Us Forward, And It Would Be Our Pleasure For Your Respectable Establishment To Be A Part Of Our Vision.







Established On A Strong Base Of Experience EUROTECS® Delivered Top Technologies To The Loyal Customers Around The World Since 2013. 
We Are Specialized In Building Poultry Barns In All Types For Grandparents ,Breeders, Broiler Cages, Broiler Floor Keeping, And Layer Cages, Hatcheries Slaughterhouses, Dairy Cows Also Feed Mills, Warehouses And All Irrigation  Projects , Also We Are Specialized In Dairy Farms Buildings And Equipment .
From The Ground Up With Every Step We Rely Only On Top Quality Materials And Equip Our Facilities With The Latest Technologies And That Is Our Signature In The Market As We Are Always A Step Ahead. Our Remarkable Partnership With Recognized Brands That Are Specialized In Unique Poultry Equipment Made It Possible For Us To Be The Best. The Keys To Success Are The Product We Deliver And It Would Be Our Pleasure To Open The Doors Of The Future For You.

EUROTECS®  is A Bridge Connecting The World’s Specialists Together Bringing The Top Of The Line Technologies And All What Is New, Efficient And Reliable To Our Clients Around The World.






We At EUROTECS® Are Constantly Focusing On Innovating And Delivering The Latest Technologies To Our Customers Around The World. We Believe In Building Not Only Structures But Monuments That Will Stand The Tests Of Time. We Gather The Knowledge From Around The World, And With Our Experiences And Our Team We Deliver The Keys Of The Future To Our Customers So They Can Be The Best In Any Market They Compete In As We Simply Lead And The Rest Just Follows.






EUROTECS® main target is to achieve customers satisfaction and boost their production and profit by taking in consideration many factors such as geographical factors and weather conditions, energy efficiency and the minimum maintenance cost, also the product’s type and special needs and the list goes on, we make scientific analysis and studies so here at EUROTECS® every client is unique and every client receives exactly what they need.
Our structures are designed according to an accurate technical design procedure which takes in consideration all the auxiliary elements which will affect the house with a high safety factor carried out by our design team to serve specifically the needs of our valued customers. 
We never design two projects the same, each and every element in the house is designed to meet specifically the needs of the customer and the area of project taking in consideration all historical weather data for the area and all other affecting elements such as earthquakes, the soil of the project and many other so our houses are perfectly compatible with its surroundings.




Here at  EUROTECS® the only thing we need to get started is the location of the project and we take it from there on. first the design made by our design engineers team and then fixing the location to fit the purpose of the project and manufacturing the equipment  to meet exactly the target of our dear client  and then the assembly carried out by our site engineers and specialized technicians to finally deliver on time and with the best quality. Our products list consists mainly of the steel, the cladding and the equipment with all the accessories. We never compromise when it comes to quality for both materials and work quality.